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Founded in 1966 as West Land. Ltd., Westco has expanded from its modest beginnings to become one of the area’s most trusted names in trading, construction and mining. The company conducts business throughout Afghanistan, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Through the years, Westco Group has broadened its reach and core services while never losing sight of its primary commitment to its customers.


In 1994, registered as Westland General Trading LLC and following growth into Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, the company’s headquarters were relocated from Singapore to the convenient urban metropolis of Dubai. With new headquarters, the company was better able to provide the elevated level of service its customers had grown to expect and appreciate.


Today, Westco employs more than 400 professionals under six specialized companies: West Land General Trading LLC, Westco International FZE, Bedeil Co. Ltd., West Land General Trading, Metal Mining and Westco Construction. The company specializes in construction, tea and coffee trading, and gold and chromium operations, proudly managing Afghanistan’s largest gold and chromium reserves.


West Land General Trading LLC

Dubai, U.A.E.


West Land General Trading LLC was founded in 1994 to manage and oversee logistics for all Westco subsidiaries. The company handles general office administration, quotations, order processing, purchasing, sales and distribution while ensuring compliance with all local and international shipping regulations.


Westco International FZE

Ras al-Khaimah


Westco International FZE was founded in 1998 to direct the production, storage, blending and packaging of various tea and coffee brands for export to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Afghanistan. As the group’s manufacturing division, Westco International FZE oversees multiple manufacturing plants to ensure products meet stringent quality standards and adhere to customer specifications. Westco International FZE is committed to ongoing product innovation and enhancement, with robust coffee beans sourced from Germany, Tanzania, Kenya and Brazil and raw tea sourced from premium producers in Kolkata (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Jakarta (Indonesia), Mombasa (Kenya) and Malawi.

West Land General Trading

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


West Land General Trading was founded in 1992 to handle trading, importing, international tendering and product packaging. The company employs 100 full-time professionals, with recognized expertise in the coffee, tea, oil and gas sectors.


West Land Trading

Ashgabad, Turkmenistan


West Land Trading was founded in 1993 as a fast-growing trading company concentrating on flour, vegetable oil and electronics as well as natural gas and petroleum product exportation.


West Land Trading

Kabul, Afghanistan


West Land Trading was registered in 2006 to help the company capitalize on Afghanistan’s rich natural reserves. Since its inception, West Land Trading has contracted gold mining activities at Takhar in the province of Noorava and Samthi, with surveys completed in 2010 and ore extraction initiated in 2011. West Land Trading launched gold mine surveyance activities in Zarkhashan in the province of Gazni in the same year.


Metal Mining UK LTD


Metal Mining was registered in 2008 to engage in precious metal mining in Afghanistan, which holds one of the world’s largest chromium metal ore reserves. Shortly thereafter, the company secured the substantial Maidan Wardak chromium ore mining contract and, in 2011, Metal Mining launched agency vetting processes for survey and exploration in addition to equipment and machinery acquisition.


Westco Construction

Kabul, Afghanistan


Westco Construction was registered in 2010 to lead the company’s construction and contracting activities. Westco Construction actively pursues small housing and commercial construction projects in an effort to rebuild Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif. By retaining specialized international talent, Westco Construction aims to drive unparalleled quality, insight and innovation into local communities.


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